Big Data

What is big data? Well it is exactly how it sounds. Big data is a large volume of data which can flood a company and can sometimes be overwhelming to deal with. However it’s more about what companies do with the data rather than the amount of data. One of the biggest uses for ‘big data’ is to analyse for opportunities which can lead to better company decisions and business moves.

Big Data is split into 3 categories:

Streaming Data – This includes any data which comes in contact with IT systems from the web. Data Analyst are able analyse the information to help make decisions on what to keep, what to discard and what requires further analysis.

Social Media Data – This type of data is preferred by most companies and organisations in terms of marketing, sales and support functions.

Publicly Available Sources – Huge quantities of data are available through open data sources such as CIA World Factbook and European Union Open Data Portal.

Once you receive all this ‘Big Data’, you will need to consider how to store it all. There are plenty of low cost options to store huge amounts of data in the 21st century such as clouds. You should also put into consideration how much needs analysing, for example you may want to determine which data is relevant before analysing so you can only get the most relevant data, or you may have a high-performance technology so you don’t have to exclude any data.

Career Opportunities:

There are many career opportunities that arise from the amount of ‘Big Data’ and the trend it is setting on 2016 such as a Technical analyst with skills such as SQL, TSQL, SSIS and SSRS Server experience, PRINCE2 and skills using BPMN and UML.

TM3 has an extensive database and referral network across multiple technical and business disciplines and an outstanding wide ranging marketplace knowledge.

TM3 helps its clients to find the right people and helps IT professionals discover the right opportunity.TM3 are retained by several leading blue chip companies to fulfil hiring requirements for in-demand positions in the field of Big Data, for both interim and permanent positions.
We have worked with clients from many industries including Finance/Banking, Insurance, IT Consultancy, Public Sector, Telecommunications, IT Vendors and Technology Manufacturers and System Integrators

TM3 has placed high calibre Big Data candidates in a wide range of positions including:

• Technical Analyst (SQL Server, TSQL, SSIS, SSRS MS-Access, MS-Excel VBA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Planet Press, MS-SharePoint , Unix, NET Framework, ASP.NET,C#, Monarch Data Mining, Jira, BPMN and UML)
• Database Administrator
• System Analyst
• Software Developers (C#, C++, Java, .Net, OO, Oracle, Perl, Python, Ruby and Scala)
• DevOps (VMWare, AWS, Azure, RedHat Network, Maven, ANT, Groovy, Sonar, Oracle AIA, CI – Jenkins, Git, CloudFormation, Pulp, DockerHub, Puppet, Kickstart, Foreman, Linux, UNIX)
• Technical and Solutions Architect
• Project and Programme Manager
• Testing (Acceptance, Automated, Functional, Integration, QA, Regression, System, Web)